DETOX Drinks

Choose your favorite and drink it daily, on the empty stomach, replacing one of your meals, it would be great! If you can only drink 3-5 of these juices one day or do a 3 day cure, your body and mind will be alkalized, cleaned and in a better health.

Why detox?

When the body fails by natural detoxification to remove more toxins from the system than the number of entrants, it usually causes blockages and various chronic diseases and abnormal activity of the nervous system. Even if the body removes toxins through the colon, skin, kidneys, lungs or the lymphatic system, when stresses become intense, the organs are under pressure and they can cause dysfunctions over time. A detoxification cure involves removing from your diet the processed foods: carbonated drinks, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, sugar, flour, dairy, meat, eggs. Instead, fresh fruit and vegetable juices will be the ones that help eliminate toxins and regenerate tissues.

As it is spring now enjoy the greens, now it’s best to start such a program.

Detoxification means a rest for the body, which is increasingly recommended by specialists around the world.

 Here, choose your favorites:

1. Spinach, broccoli, cucumber, psylium, apple

2. Spinach, lemon, pomegranate, psylium

3. Broccoli, apple, pear, parsley

4. Mar, carrot, pollen, turmeric and ginger

5. Spinach, apple, celery, cucumber, ginger

6. Spinach, broccoli, grapefruit, lemon, mint

7. Carrot, celery, parsnips, spinach, pshylium seeds

8. Pineapple, lemon (20%)

9. Grapefruit, pineapple, spinach, psylium

10. Cucumber, apple, strawberries, kale.


Use it for health and joy!

Have a beautiful spring!