The wok pans have been in our kitchens for centuries. As people became more interested in international cuisine and started to learn more about delicious and different recipes, the woks became one of the most used pans in many kitchens. When you want a kitchen tool so versatile that is perfect for deep-frying, stir fry, steaming or indoor smoking, then you realize that nothing does the work better than a wok pan. However, not all the woks are the same. Therefore, when you want to obtain flavored dishes, you need to have the best wok available on the market.

Even though choosing the best China wok may seem a simple task, the reality is slightly different. For example, when you want to cook a large quantity of vegetables in a pan made of non-stick coating, then you have to try T-fal A80789 wok.

If you want to try the best carbon steel wok, then you cannot miss the Joyce Chen 22-0060. The heavy carbon steel and the extra thickness, make the wok more stable in the stove. Moreover, the Lodge P14W3 wok will offer you a different experience thanks to the cast iron that adds durability to the product.

On the other hand, the Calphalon Contemporary wok made of hard-anodized aluminum is great for the high temperatures inside the oven. Thanks to its design, with a flat bottom and curved sides, this wok is perfect for tossing, turning or stir frying very easily.

1. T-fal A80789

If we were to think of the pure definition for “wok”, it is actually the generic term used by Chinese for the common “frying pan”. Therefore, analyzing the characteristics of T-fal A80789, then we can say that it is a combination of both. Once you have such a pan in your hands, you will most likely not use another one. Being just 2.6 pounds, this is a perfect wok to toss and flip your food without too much effort.

Another great benefit of this wok is the Teflon coating which is non-stick. Therefore, the cleaning will not represent a problem anymore. In addition, considering that the bottom is flat, it will fit in any type of stove.

Checking this wok reviews, the majority of them are very positive. The buyers like its generous dimensions. What is more, the non-stick coating does its job and this pleases a lot of its customers.

Things we liked Things we did not like
Generous dimensions It does not have a lid
Non-stick Teflon coating The coating is not very resistant
Easy cleaning The food takes quite a lot to cook
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2. Joyce Chen 22-0060

When you try a wok made of carbon steel, you have to expect it to be a little heavier. Therefore, the thick material will add a bit of heaviness to the pan making it more stable for the stove. For those who like stirring and flipping the wok quite a lot, this wok may seem a bit heavier. However, the excellent work compensates this little flaw.

What is more, the removable handles are just perfect when you want to season your wok. Moreover, once you finish the seasoning, you can just remove them and put your wok in the stove. The producers used high-quality carbon steel, making sure that their product is going to resist to intensive cooking sessions.

One of the first elements appreciated by the buyers is the carbon steel material that adds durability to their product. Furthermore, the flat bottom makes it ideal for various types of ovens. The 14-inch diameter is quite generous and this is great especially when you want to cook for a large group.

Things we liked Things we did not like
Removable handles After some time, a black layer appears on the sides
Carbon steel material Not very resistant in time
Flat bottom It tends to rust


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3. Lodge P14W3 Seasoned Cast Iron Wok

This is an efficient wok that will serve you for years as long as you take care of it. One of its biggest advantages is the easy cleaning. You do not need to put it in the dishwasher. What is more, this wok can be used for practically anything. This is not just a Chinese wok, but a universal one that can be used to fry potatoes, prepare delicious paella or a tossed green salad.

What is more, the cast iron is heavy, but this can be seen as a great advantage. The heavy and flat bottom means that it will not move around on the stove when you cook your tasty recipes.

The reviewers are amazed by its capacity to stay hot for a long time. Even though it does not come with a lid, this does not represent a problem for most buyers. Its efficiency and easy cleaning process make any little minuses pale.

Things we liked Things we did not like
Comes pre-seasoned It does not have a lid
Flat base For some users, it may seem heavy
Large loop handles Without protective seasoning, the iron can rust


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4. Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Cookware

There are two big advantages that make this wok a preferred product for many people. It is both dishwasher and oven safe. Therefore, the users will benefit from a quick and easy cleaning. In addition, as long as you heat the oven up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, then you can safely put your wok pan inside.

What is more, its design is just great. The flat bottom and curved sides are ideal for an easy preparation of any type of ingredients. Therefore, this wok pan is deal for preparing a quick meal for one or two persons.

For those who have bought it, the 10-inch diameter is a reasonable dimension if you want a wok pan suitable for small portions. The long handles, made of stainless steel are just perfect in many reviewers’ opinions because they make the handling a lot easier.

Things we liked Things we did not like
Dishwasher safe You have to prepare small portions
Oven safe It is difficult to find a lid that fits
Long, double-riveted handles The coating does not resist over time


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What to Keep In Mind When Buying a Wok

  • Construction and design. Usually, the traditional woks that are still very efficient nowadays are made of carbon steel or cast iron. The modern ones, on the other side, are made of aluminum, copper, stainless steel or multi-clad combinations. On the other hand, in terms of design, there are woks that have one long handle, while others have two handles. There are some woks that have a flat bottom and there are also woks that have round bottoms.
  • A wok that is able to excel in heat retention or at steaming and smoking, it means that you made the right decision. A high-quality wok should help you steam the vegetables, as well as dry-roasting the meat.
  • Ease of use. When you buy a wok, you will do a lot of movements with it in order to prepare your delicious recipes. Therefore, you will need a product that will get to the right temperature fast, will be easy to handle and will keep you away from accidents.
  • There is no standard capacity that determines a wok’s effectiveness. You can choose one that serves best your needs in terms of the quantity of food you prepare at once.

In conclusion, when you go for shopping for the best wok that will not make you break the bank, then a good option will be T-fal A80789. This skillet will make you like it thanks to its non-stick coating, as well as the light weight. Moreover, it is thick enough to be able to retain the heat and distributes it quickly for a fast cooking experience. In comparison to other similar woks, the helper handle makes the difference and it is of great help when you want to flip and toss your food.

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