Everyone loves to prepare delicious dishes for family and friends. Could you think of a better way to celebrate an event than in front of a generous table, filled with the food that makes your mouth water? If you ask me, I cannot imagine how good news would look like if I do not share it with my family in front of the dinner table. However, the best dishes are not made only with excellent and flavored ingredients. The kitchen utensils play an important role in your recipe success as well.
When I started going deeper into the cuisine art, I realized that finding long-lasting utensils is definitely a challenge. During the past years, I tried many types of pots and cookware brands, looking for that product that will meet all my requirements. From my point of view, a good cooking pot has not only have to be resistant and non-sticky, but it also has to be easy to clean. If a cookware is versatile enough to help me cook my favorite dishes without being necessary to use other pots, then it is a winner from my point of view.
With these attributes in mind, I decided one day to try the new Copper Chef Pot. For those who have not tried this product yet, it is a 6-in-1 pot that promises to cook a variety of foods without sticking them. What is more, the producers used unique copper infused technology which means that you will be able to prepare healthier dishes, quick and easy.

What Differentiates Copper Chef Pans?

You will be able to cook your Copper Chef recipes on any type of stovetops. It does not matter if you use a gas, electric, induction or a ceramic stovetop. This pan will do its job to perfection and will help you cook your recipes very fast. If you think a bit of how the recipes look like, this is an amazing advantage as not everyone has the same stovetop. Therefore, having such an adaptable pan is definitely a great asset that will guarantee the best taste of your recipes.
On the other hand, if you want to try a recipe where you will need the oven, these pans are also oven safe. So you cannot be in difficulty when you use this product. Furthermore, apart from the copper technology, the pan has also a Cerami-Tech Non-Stick Coating and stainless steel induction plate. How do these characteristics help you? You will clean your pot faster and easier and the heat will be distributed equally during cooking. As we are talking about easy cleaning, you also need to know that this product is also dishwasher safe.

Personal Thoughts on Copper Chef Pans

I come from a family that is always on the go. Therefore, even though we like food a lot, often times we have to cook very fast. When I first saw the Copper Chef pans, I was a bit worried about the square shape. Even though the producer promised even heat distribution, I had my doubts about it. As my family is quite large, I usually try not to use too many pots because I will then have to wash them. This is why I try to use a pan for various stages in my recipes.
When you want to use only one pan to prepare your recipe from the beginning until the end, it is very important that it does not stick the food. Therefore, seeing that the Copper Chef pan did not stick the food not even once, I immediately understood that this is a going to be one of my favorite items in the kitchen. For me, this pan acts like a roasting pan, wok, steamer, baking dish, or stock pot.
What is more, when I received the package I found the following pieces: a 9-1/2 inch square pan with a lid, a steam and roast rack, a fry basket and a recipe book. Most probably you think what the purpose of a recipe book is as you already know hundreds of recipes. You will be surprised to see how useful it really is as it gives you the opportunity to try very simple recipes to more complicated combinations and even desserts.

Copper Chef Recipes

In order to convince myself that these pans are really what they were supposed to be, I decided to try two of the most-wanted recipes in my family. I usually use pans to prepare main courses, but the Copper Chef producers claim that you can prepare desserts very easy as well. This is why I decided to prepare some simple mashed potatoes and a delicious apple pie. Check the detailed Copper Chef recipes below.

Simple Mashed Potatoes

• 3 lb small red potatoes
• 1 pint chicken stock
• 1 pint of water
• 2 oz butter
• 12 oz warm heavy cream
• A pinch of salt and pepper

Here is how I prepared this Copper Chef recipe:

• As you are going to cook the potatoes with the skin on, you will need to wash them thoroughly. As soon as you are sure that they not have any mud on them, you will need to cut them in half.
• Put them in the Copper Chef Pan. Pour the chicken stock and then continue to add water until you will cover the potatoes. Add a pinch of salt and pepper according to your taste.
• Use the Copper Chef lid to cover the pan and boil the potatoes with the liquid made of chicken stock and water. As soon as the liquid starts to boil, you can lower the heat to med-low and simmer the potatoes. Use a fork to try them from time to time and as soon as they are fork tender, it means that they are ready. You can now go to the next step.
• Drain the liquid from the pan.
• It is very important to mash the potatoes while they are still hot. The flavor of this dish consists in the butter and heavy cream that you add after you have mashed the potatoes. My family likes this dish a bit creamier, so I add more heavy cream than in the recipe.
• Depending on how you like this dish, you can add more or less heavy cream or butter and so you can adjust its consistency.
• As soon as you have obtained the desired consistency, you can add more salt and pepper. The seasoning depends on your personal taste, so I am not going to give you any exact quantities for salt and pepper. For example, when I want something more sophisticated, I also add other ingredients like smoked paprika or curry.

Mega Simple Copper Chef Apple Pie

Until I discovered the Copper Chef pans, whenever I thought of the apple pie, I instantly thought of the hours that I had to spend in the kitchen to prepare it. However, my family likes it a lot, so I did not have any choice but to do it whenever they asked for it.
One thing that defines a perfect apple pie is the golden-brown, crispy crust. I have to admit that, even though everyone says I am a skilled cook, I had moments when I did not obtain the perfect crispy crust. I always found it very difficult to remove the crust from the pan once the pie cooled.
This is one reason why I was surprised to see that the Copper Chef recipe book promises a simple and delicious apple pie. I could not believe that there actually exists a pan that does not stick the food, especially the apple pie.
So here I am one day, ready to give the Copper Chef pan the final test and prepare my family’s favorite dessert.


• 5 cans apple filling
• 4 pie shells
• 1 cup half and half


• Let me give you one tip: whenever you prepare desserts that need an oven, it is very important to pre-heat it. In this case, I pre-heated the oven to 375 degrees.
• Display the pie shell on the pan covering the bottom and the sides. Pay attention to leave also a large enough piece outside. You will need it for the pie’s cover.
• Pour the 5 cans of apple filling into the pie shell.
• Use the excess pie shell to cover the filling.
• Use the half and half to brush the top of the pie.
• Once you are ready with all this assembly, place the pan in the pre-heated oven. Leave it to cook for 45-60 minutes until you obtain the golden crust.
• Remove the pie from the pan and let it cool. You will be amazed to see how easy it can be removed.
• You can serve it with powdered sugar. In the hot summer days, I like to serve it with vanilla ice cream and, trust me, it does not resist more than 5 minutes on the plate.
• Enjoy!